Christmas Writing Prompt

Christmas Writing Prompt

I’ve been teaching a Grade 12 Writer’s Craft course this semester, and most of the students are really keen on writing.  One of the things I sometimes do with them is give them writing prompts at the start of class as a warm-up.  It can be hard to start something and writing prompts get you in a creative mood.  One of my students asked for more Christmas-themed prompts because this is that time of year.

Christmas-Themed Prompt:

You are newly engaged!  Congratulations! Mazel Tov!  You are thrilled but you remain apprehensive about one thing:  you have yet to meet your fiancé’s parents and your beloved has never showed you any family photos.  To your delight, he/she tells you that you and his/her family must finally meet.  He/she takes you to the airport where you board a private plane.  Destination:  the North Pole.


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