We’ve Been Away

We’ve Been Away

It’s been a hectic start to the new year, and as a result neither one of us has been actively blogging, but hope to change that in the coming weeks.

What we have discovered is how addictive Twitter can be.  If you’re wondering, that’s where we’ve been hiding–well, mostly me (Marilyn) since it still freaks Liz out a bit.  She promises to be twittering (tweeting?) soon, and then she’ll be addicted too.

I do like the community that’s built within Twitter.  I’ve spoken to people who I would never have known about without the use of this platform, and I love that it can be as formal or informal as you make it.  I still do prefer properly formatted sentences, so it’s taking some practice to smoothly read phrases like #whatiloveaboutyou i’ll tell u 2morrow.  It still hurts my eyes to read that.  We’ll see how long I can hold onto my formal sentences.

What I’m still figuring out about Twitter is how much exactly to discuss.  It’s a bit strange for me to throw out a random idea/thought/opinion into the world and have anyone be able to comment on it.  How much do people really want to know about?  What makes my passing thought worthy of reading about?  I find other people’s tweets entertaining and/or informative, which is great for building a community.

Regardless, it’s nice that while writing, you can take a break and talk to a ton of people.  This helps breaks up the isolation that so often comes with the territory of being a writer.


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