No Love for Bachelor Ben

No Love for Bachelor Ben


First of all, watching The Bachelor isn’t our proudest admission.  In fact, sometimes after watching it, we feel like we’ve eaten way too much candy, and while it may have looked good and harmless enough, once we’ve indulged, we feel unwell.

Yet, we go back for more a week later.

We blame the winter weather, because if we lived in sunny California instead of cold Toronto, we probably wouldn’t be inclined to hibernate on a Monday night.

We both wanted to like Bachelor Ben, especially since he was the underdog, having been so cruelly dumped by Bachelorette Ashley just a few months ago; however, he is making it very difficult to root for him.  After last Monday’s episode, we’ve decided that we do not like him after all.

Our top 5 reasons for disliking Bachelor Ben:

1) He likes Courtney:

It’s always bothered us when men fail to see and understand girl world.  Don’t they know that girl world is vicious?  Haven’t they seen Mean Girls?  Courtney seems just plain mean and what’s worse is that she seems to really enjoy being cruel and stirring up trouble.  She not only revels in other people’s disappointments and hurts, she also makes fun of other girls for thinking they have a chance with Ben, all the while maintaining a harmless veneer for him as she manipulates.  Some of it could be editing; the skinny dipping tactic seemed to be all her (see next point).  Besides, she says things like, “winning.”  Even Charlie Sheen gave that catch phrase up–it’s not funny, it’s creepy.

2) He crossed a line with Courtney:

The skinny dipping episode.  Wrong on so many levels.  At least Bachelor Ben turned Courtney’s suggestion for a late night skinny dip down the first time, but because he failed to understand girl world, he caved the next night when Courtney showed up literally on his door step in a bathrobe and ready for a skinny dip.  Since all the women he’s dating are all living under the same roof, he shouldn’t have gone this far as it was kind of sleazy.  Some of the other girls in the house are probably thinking that there are certain boundaries that are being respected, which include not getting naked with someone, at least not until the individual overnight dates and even then it’s a tricky situation, and here he is behaving as though he’s an irresponsible college boy and not a grown-up guy looking for a commitment.  Disregarding those boundaries is sure to be a challenge to trusting him.

3) He led Jennifer on:

He kissed her at the rose ceremony, and then sent her home hours later.  Who does that?  A jerk who leads girls on, that’s who.  And by the way, she was a better catch than he is.  At least she seems like a nice person.

4) He made the women play baseball:

He appears to set the women up in situations just so that he can see how well or how poorly they react almost like he’s a sociologist doing field work.  His main questions have seemed to not be: Are we a good match, but rather:  Are they worthy of me?

Every date seems to be like an audition with the reward being…him.  Rather than it being a gradual connection, he puts these women through a lot–what woman really wants to wear baseball outfits and play against each other for a measly group date?  How often do women resolve things this way with one another?

And speaking of making women audition for him, Samantha, who asked him about having a one on one date and pressed him on it a little, was met with a rejection, delivered in a tone that was less than kind.  In fact, he sent her home right after she asked him about why she had only had three group dates with him.  If a girl takes time away from her life and only gets group dates, it’s a pretty legitimate question to be asking.  He should have been more considerate about it, but sending her home right after she asked seemed like it was more of a scolding than a pre-determined decision.

5) He hasn’t bothered to get a decent haircut:

These women are always grooming themselves, even Emily got her highlights done in-house by Blakely and he can’t jump in a barber’s chair for five minutes?  Dude needs a new do.   That’s just sloppy.

And Ben, if you need to learn a thing or two about girl world, watch this:


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