What will happen to bookstores?

What will happen to bookstores?

One of Toronto’s bookstores is closing soon, the Toronto Star reported today.  I mentioned it in my Grade 12 English class this afternoon, which led some of the students to ask me if books would soon be obsolete.  They seemed concerned.

People often talk about the future and as more and more bookstores close, it is a question that book-lovers do wonder about.

My answer: “Maybe the book form we know today will change, and eventually be sold only at Specialty shops, but books themselves will survive and thrive, electronically at least.”

It’s just so convenient getting something delivered to the comfort of your home or where ever you are, freeing you up for more fun things than the dull routine of waiting in line.  We get music this way, most of the time.  We read newspapers this way too a lot of the time.  We’re a fast-moving society and anything that helps make our lives easier is something we’re going to embrace, I believe.  Yet, I do love the feel and smell of a good book as I’m carried to another world during reading.

I can’t help but love libraries and bookstores.  I still love used bookstores and my favourite is The Strand in New York City.  If you’re looking for a bookstore in Europe, this website has some pretty interesting ones across Europe.


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