Create a Story

Create a Story

You’re wanting or trying to write, but you’re stuck.

You might be experiencing writer’s block.  Many people have come face to face with this unwelcome intruder in their writing life.

Or you might be completely over-inspired.  It’s like suddenly having five invitations to five different events all at the same time.  Which do you go with?

Either way, you aren’t writing or writing well, and as a result, you feel frustrated.

Sometimes a good way to deal with this is to take a break (procrastinators don’t get too excited–it’s a very short break) to stretch your muscles and write about something that you wouldn’t normally write about.  Although you are going off task from your major project, there’s a little bit of mystery to the magic of writing using writing prompts to get the creative juices flowing.  Just like when your body plateaus with certain physical exercises, your brain also needs new information in order for it to be stimulated.

One of the reasons we like writing prompts is because not only are they’re a new, creative and fun way to come up with new stories, but they also serve to infuse new life and energy into us as writers and we can transfer that energy into re-writing or writing a particularly difficult passage.  We believe that the writing done in the original work should be enjoyable but there are moments even in the most gratifying book that need you to re-energize so that you bring fresh energy to it.

Our time in the classroom has helped us take a practical approach to the act of writing, which we depend upon.  We thought we’d use it here too because it’s surprisingly creative and so, it turns out to be quite productive.

We’ve come up with a word jar (see photo above) to share with you.  Using old magazines, we cut out words and folded them, then tossed them into a jar.  Then each month, we’ll randomly select three words and post them and if you wish, you get to write a story using those words.  You may want to use them to start your story (thus prompt) or you may want to use them as props, a place or concepts in your story.   Should you try this, you can keep it to yourself or if you’d like to share it here, you can post it (you retain the copyright of what you submit but we’d post it for others to read).  It’s nice to share, so think about it.

Ready to see?

Here’s our 1st Selection:

Search, New Angle, Luscious

Remember,  each word can be used to start your story, be a prop in your story, be a concept in your story, be a place in your story, etc.  Each of these should be present in your story at least once.

Have fun!


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