John Fluevog – Shoes with Sass

John Fluevog – Shoes with Sass


A leading lady possesses sass and her shoes should reflect that.

When I was a teenager, I used to visit the John Fluevog store on Queen Street West in Toronto, now located in a very trendy pocket of Toronto, across from City TV where they hold red carpet events during the Toronto International Film Festival and the Much Music Video Awards.  I was enamoured with the funky, edgy and risky shoe designs and their bold colour selection and wild patterns.  I had never seen shoes and boots resembling anything like that before.  I also knew that my mother would never let me wear a pair because she’d think they were too unconventional and wild for a teenage girl, and admittedly, I was a rebel at heart, so this made me love them even more.

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As an adult, I now own a couple of pairs and love them.  My mother has become a John Fluevog enthusiast herself.  The quality is supreme, and as you get older that counts for a lot too.

In fact, the red pair of heels pictured in the header of this site are the first pair of John Fluevog’s I bought.  Which makes me think it’s time for another visit to the store soon…

Leave it to shoe designer John Fluevog to make shoes be rebellious, stylish and just super cool.  Even Madonna, in her 1991 documentary, Truth or Dare, wore a pair of John Fluevog platforms to the Dick Tracy movie premier.

The nice thing about the store, is that it still puts out shoes that make a statement and they do upgrade their designs.  These days, many celebrities are wearing them, but although they are on the pricey side, I’ve seen more expensive for less taste and less sass.

Well worth it.


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