Beating the flu bug…unconventionally

Beating the flu bug…unconventionally

After leaving work on Friday, I felt so awful with all the signs of a flu bug.  Earlier in the year, when I had a bug, the doctor advised me to take zinc lozenges because they’re great bug deflectors.  I hadn’t even heard of them before, but have since found that they’re seriously effective and quite nice to chew on–like the candy you’d have as a kid.  She also advised me to take two vitamin D tablets daily because I come across so many people in the course of a day.  She said she took four.  That I haven’t done; they don’t taste as good as the lozenges, but now I think I’ll start since it’s especially unpleasant to get the flu in spring and summer.

When I went to the walk-in clinic and found out the doctor was only arriving there an hour later, I thought I’d do something different.  I say different, but then I realized that it’s the advice older people often give for getting over things like this because at some point, alcohol was involved.

First, I had the Vitamin See drink at Live with plenty of vitamin c (of course) and a shot of echinacea.

Then, I had an Apple mohito at the Spoke rooftop (I don’t know how well it contributed to the eradication of the flu bug, but it was amazing).

Last, I stopped off at The Drake patio, intending to ask for a Hot Toddie (I remember the Drake when it was a decrepit old place filled with charming old timers and a place so dreary none of us in high school ever wanted to go near), but when I saw the menu, I got more in the patio spirit and instead, ordered an Old Cuban (with rum and bitters, of course).

The result?

Feeling better already!  And the editing continues…


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