Running Playlist

Running Playlist

Running Playlist

I’ve always been a jogger, but lately I’ve been a bit more consistent going for a run at least 4-5 times a week, especially after all the cheesecake I’ve been eating.

I mix it up between short interval training and long pace runs.  The short intervals are, at times, painful, but the adrenaline kicks in and keeps me going, so it’s really enjoyable.  What I really like about doing intervals are that they’re short (20-30 minutes) so mentally I can prepare myself for this type of run much easier than say a 45-60 minute pace run.  I find it more difficult to stay on the treadmill for nearly an hour, even if my heart rate isn’t being overexerted.

What helps a lot is listening to the right music on my iPod.  I always have two sets of playlists: one for running and one for spinning (another favorite cardio workout of mine).

Some of these songs are songs that I never thought I’d listen to (like Superstylin’ by Groove Armada), but after breaking an amazing sweat while listening to them, I’ve become a fan.

Below I’ve compiled what is currently on my running playlist, and my sister, Isabel’s, playlist:

Marilyn's Running Playlist

Isabel's Running Playlist

Any suggestions to help us keep moving on the treadmill?


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