Pointe Shoes

Like many women, this past summer I wore a lot of ballet flats and never felt like taking them off since they were so comfortable.  While dance training was anything but comfortable, (although very fulfilling and wonderful in many ways), the ballet flats that I wore this summer reminded me of my ballet training, and the ballet shoes that I wore.

While there were flat shoes to wear regularly, I wore pointe shoes often, which are the proper shoes worn by ballet dancers when dancing on the points of their toes.  Those shoes I do not miss since they were incredibly painful–imagine twirling on the tips of your toes with only paper maché to support you–and my feet suffered a lot as a result.  Yet, pointe shoes are so beautiful to look at. I recently came across a couple of old pairs that I had in storage, and they are still a very impressive shoe, and worth admiring.

While I don’t formally train as a dancer anymore, or dance professionally, I am very grateful for some of the things it taught me.  It taught me a great amount of discipline, the importance of treating my body well with proper food and exercise, and that hard work pays off.

Take a look at my old pointe shoes and tell me what you think.  And if you see a version of these being sold in stores, run.  They hurt!

An old pair of my pointe shoes

These were only worn a few times, so they don’t have ripped fabric.

I got used to always carrying bandaids with me when I wore these.



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