Home Office Items

Home Office Items

We have a pretty large home office space, and have redecorated it ourselves a couple of times.  We like Stephen King’s advice of having couches in our office, so that way people who pop in can have a place to hang out while keeping us company, or at the very least, they get to be comfortable while distracting us.  Having a comfortable home office is a nice way to ensure we’ll want to spend time there, and it’s a nice way to connect with people for a short while throughout the day when we’re working so much, which helps lessen the isolation.

Along with couches, we have a few other items in our office that we love, even if they’re not always the most aesthetically pleasing, they do provide us with some nice memories, comfort and hopefully some luck 🙂

While we complete putting our office space together, here are some items that we will definitely be holding onto.

Tell us if you have particular items in your office that you love?

Antique Typewriter Circa the 1920s


Seashells from Sarasota, Florida


We were lucky enough to attend the Director’s Guild Awards a few years ago. Each guest received one of these with their names engraved on it.


An electric fireplace helps us keep warm during the harsh Canadian winters.


A flower display to brighten the home office.



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