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When actress Anne Hathaway recently got married, many commented that she should have waited for her hair to grow out before walking down the ailse.  As you may already know, Anne Hathaway has been filming Les Miserables, and had to cut her hair drastically short for her role.  Gone are her long locks that we’ve become accustomed to, and instead, she’s wearing it quite short.  She’ll most likely grow it out now that filming has wrapped–although she might keep it short to better sell her character and the movie while doing the publicity for it, which is coming up–we’ll see.  But so far, according to fans, Hathaway, as bride, didn’t look feminine enough on her wedding day.

What I find interesting about all of this is that people equate femininity with long hair.  Short hair on a woman is just too…out there.  If someone like Julia Roberts chopped off all her hair, many would be disappointed for many reasons, but mainly because it would lessen her femininity in their eyes, and Julia Roberts is all about playing up that femininity–she’s been America’s Sweetheart for 20 years, so she knows that looking the part is just as important as playing the part.  Also, you wouldn’t expect it from someone like Roberts because as America’s Sweetheart, she needs to be predictable, and always beautiful.  One easy way to do that is to keep her hair luxurious and long.

While someone like Miley Cyrus, who recently cut her long hair into a very short do (or do not, depending on your tastes), doesn’t look at all dainty or glamourous, and her short hair sure isn’t luxurious now.  She looks rebellious, perhaps even wild.  Oh, the terror!  With the type of hairstyle she has now, there is no way she could even pretend to be America’s Sweetheart.  Her short hairstyle confirms to everyone that she’s too rebellious, too bold, and definitely unpredictable.

Many women look better with short hair because their features lend themselves better to a short style, but many women are too afraid of taking the plunge and cutting it off.  It can seem like a drastic undertaking, but it can always be done in stages, and of course, the hair will always grow back.

I’ve had both long and short hairstyles, and I’ve enjoyed both at different times in my life for different reasons.  After having grown my hair out over the last ten years, I recently cut it all off, into a pixie cut.  There have been times in the past when I had haircutting remorse, but not this time.  I feel pretty good with the weight of my hair gone.  In a way, it was symbolic of leaving old things behind, and it’s felt pretty liberating to have it short.  Also, short hair looks better on me than long hair does (I was carded a few days after cutting it cut!), I LOVE how quickly I can get ready now, and it seems to complete my outfits in a better way than just wearing it long, or in a ponytail as I often did–it packages the look better as there’s no hair out of place, so to speak.  I’m not sure that my short hair cut makes me any more rebellious than I’ve always been, but I do think that I present a different image than I did when I had long hair.

Here are two of my favourite short hair cuts that I often go to for inspiration when getting a short cut, and I think these women look gorgeous and very feminine:

Winona Ryder with a pixie cut. (Source)

Madonna wearing the most bold of pixie cuts, and my personal favourite. (Source)




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