Sorority Stories

Sorority Stories

Marilyn Raiding House

Both of us joined sororities while attending university.  Isabel pledged Tri Delta, while I pledged Gamma Phi Beta (that’s me in the picture above, far right, with some of my sorority sisters, after raiding a fraternity house. We were caught, and had flour and water thrown at us).

When we tell people that we were in a sorority, we often get mixed reactions.  Typically, people are misinformed as to what actually goes on in sorority houses (no, we never had any naked pillow fights with each other), and start to associate us with some sorority stereotypes (shallow air-heads with no ambition, and no intellectual curiosity), and it becomes difficult to change their minds about it, so we don’t and that leads to people thinking we’re snobby, sorority girls…but that’s another story.

These stereotypes are so ridiculous, that it seems silly to need to point out that women in sororities are just like any other women belonging to an organization.  Sure, there are women who some might consider be shallow and dim-witted, but there are always way more women who are smart, intelligent and ambitious, and those should not have to endure the stereotypes created and sustained by misinformation.

We each had slightly different experiences, since we were in different sororities, and during different time periods, but I found the group of girls in my sorority to be fun, energetic, confident and kind.  In turn, they’ve become women who’ve taken these qualities and really embraced them, and growing into very responsible, intelligent, fiesty, strong women today.

We know how difficult it is to have good friends (and we mean real friends not the kind that pretend to be your friend and turn out to be worse than a sworn enemy, for more info on frenemies, click here and here.), so now I’m especially grateful for the women from my sorority to have provided me with such positive female friendships and experiences.

Were we sometimes like Elle Woods in Legally Blonde?  Some people might think so.  But remember, Elle Woods went to Harvard law school, kicked some ass when needed, and in the process was a good friend and always fashionable.

Pretty well-rounded if you ask me.

Were you, or anyone you know, in a sorority?  What were some of your experiences?


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