Mr. Tough Guy

We went away for a few days last week, and when we got back home, our eldest dog, Ruby, seemed a little annoyed at us having left him (he peed on the luggage upon our return and wore a serious expression all the way home after being picked up from his boarding place).

Unlike our other dog, Pepe, who is constantly affectionate, Ruby often spends a lot of time alone by his own choosing, and he gives off the vibe that he’s too cool and too macho to be affectionate, but on this particular day, Ruby obviously missed us both.

After his dirty looks, and his peeing episode, he refused to be alone, always seeking one of us out to just hang out.  When Marilyn took a nap, Ruby insisted on taking one with her, as shown in the photo below.

So, he may pretend to be Mr. Tough Guy, but he’s really a softie underneath that tough exterior.  Love that guy!

Ruby taking a nap. Isn’t he gorgeous?



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