25 Things About Us

25 Things About Us

In the spirit of re-launching our blog, we’ve come up with a list of 25 things about ourselves as a re-introduction.

25 Things Isabel

1. I generally get very uncomfortable talking about myself.
2. I love winter almost as much as summer.
3. I learned how to swim in the Atlantic ocean.
4. One of my earliest memories is of stomping on grapes to make wine during the harvest. I wasn’t allowed to have wine, but now I am 🙂
5. When I was seven, I began translating for my parents, their friends, their acquaintences, etc. which I hated.
6. My favorite high school teacher was Mr. Fred Jarman, who taught history and wrote textbooks and was an inspiring lecturer and a kind man. I used to run into him at U of T and he was genuinely happy that he’d inspired me to study history as an undergraduate.
7. I was on the Debates committee in university.
8. Growing up, I was a total tomboy.
9. I have a major sweet tooth.
10. I’ve always wanted to do a road trip through the US south and end up in Graceland.
11. I love Los Angeles, but not more than New York.
12. I love skating.
13. I haven’t ever met a dog I didn’t like. I could own 10, but know that it wouldn’t be a good idea.
14. I wish Hollywood would produce more romantic comedies.
15. Sometimes, when I stood in front of a full English class getting ready to teach it, I didn’t know exactly how I had ended up there.
16. I love lipstick.
17. I love Indian food.
18. Looking at houses and decor is my guilty pleasure.
19. I really love orchids and roses.
20. I get overwhelmed at the perfume counter or when sales people turn up like villains in the Matrix.
21. I think Keanu Reeves is so good-looking.
22. I’m a big fan of old movies.
23. I don’t like to go to places where there’s a lot of fuss. I’m more into low-key things. I guess I would make an exception for the Oscars, or any other great party.
24. I’m a member of Delta Delta Delta.
25. I hate talking on the phone for longer than a couple of minutes. I’d much rather have a conversation in person. Always have.

Marilyn 25 Things

1. I like healthy food–especially vegan.
2. When I was little, I used to catch birds. I’d walk right up to them, and catch them.
3. I cringe at the sound of balloons popping.
4. I love dogs (especially my two chihuahuas).
5. I can’t whistle.
6. I once called Michael Hutchence (lead singer of my favorite band, INXS) while he was living in Hong Kong and I was in grade 9. A friend and I convinced an operator overseas to connect us. It took weeks of pleading, and when we finally got him on the phone (it was 3:00 a.m. his time), we both panicked and hung up. But even groggy from sleep, his voice was sweet.
7. I’m a really good driver, but not a very good parker. I can’t park to my left.
8. I’m a Gamma Phi Beta.
9. I need to work out every day, otherwise I get cranky. I attribute this to many years of dance training.
10. I love hotels.
11. I can only work when it is completely quiet.
12. I’m a sucker for romantic comedies.
13. I’m addicted to Home Design shows.
14. I’ve become a pretty good cook, and baker.
15. I’m a wine snob.
16. I once broke up with a boyfriend after taking a Women’s Studies course. BEST. DECISION. EVER.
17. In order to get into a dance school, I once lied about being eighteen and a high school graduate, when in fact, I was sixteen and still in high school. I got in, and nobody found out until the school year was almost done. The big reveal wasn’t pretty.
18. I hated school. I was picked on by other students for being chubby, and many teachers, because…I don’t know why.
19. I only sing in the car with my windows rolled up, and with the stereo blaring.
20. I said I’d never cut my hair short again, and I recently did. No regrets.
21. I used to be so fearful of quitting jobs (when I was younger), that I was able to convince some friends and family to do it for me.
22. I cannot stand the smell of vanilla nor the smell of musk.
23. I’d rather read a book than watch TV.
24. I don’t like hiking or camping or portaging. How is it a vacation when you have to build your own shelter or carry a canoe on your head through the woods? See #10.
25. I was once in the same room as Madonna and Guy Ritchie, and was told not to look at them in the eye and they would only talk to me if they chose to.


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