Valentine’s Day For One

Valentine’s Day For One


Valentine’s Day irritates many people–mainly, single people. And in addition to being an irritation, it is also a sore spot, a reminder that one is alone, with the message being that they are unworthy, unloveable and unnoticed.

Even if someone has determined to ignore Valentine’s Day, it is still difficult to get away from it entirely, because reminders, big and small, are everywhere.

So why try to ignore it?

Why not embrace it?

If you are single, it does not mean you are unworthy, unloveable or unnoticed. The basic idea of Valentine’s Day is to show love, so who better to show you love than the person who knows and loves you the most? Yes, we’re talking about you.

While you might not want to head out to dinner and seek out a table for one tomorrow night, there are still many things you can do to enjoy Valentine’s Day on your own.

1) Pamper yourself by booking a massage. Simple, indulging, healing. Perfection.

2) Buy your favourite bottle of wine, favourite chocolates, make an amazing dinner or order take-out from a great restaurant, and enjoy an evening in with nothing but down time (ex. reading, listening to music).

3) Do a yoga class. Tons of classes are running in our city (Toronto) each night and Valentine’s Day is no different. Even if people are part of a couple, they won’t be super annoying and cuddly in yoga class because they can’t be. One person per mat!

4) If you can swing it, have a girl’s night. I had a friend who once organized an “Anti-Valentine’s Day” party and had her girlfriends over for a buffet-style dinner, loot bags, and then we headed out to the movies (ironically, we saw “Valentine’s Day.” Go figure!)

5) Have a movie night. If you don’t even want to remind yourself that it’s Valentine’s Day, then some of the movies that we’d recommend are: Shawshank Redemption,The Town, Good Will Hunting, or The Pianist. These are such good movies that you’ll be too engrossed to feel sorry for yourself, if you were so inclined. And if you want to feel romantic-y, then watch:Love Actually, Bridget Jones’s Diary, The Proposal, or Sweet Home Alabama.

Whatever you do, do not get down on yourself for being single. It’s certainly better than being with the wrong person. There’s so much to like about being single, so enjoy it instead. It might not last forever, so enjoy the time to yourself.


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