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3 Gadgets

In a world with so many gadgets, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the choices. Our rule for gadgets is to keep it simple: use the ones that only make your life easier. This is the case with the three shown above.

1. Olloclip for iPhone. This portable camera lens is super convenient since you can attach it to your iPhone or carry it in your pocket and take out only when you want to use it. It takes three different types of photos: wide, macro and fisheye.

2. Fuzz Remover. While it’s not glamorous and you won’t be carrying it around with you (we hope), it really is a clothes-saver, especially if you like wearing wool.

3. Milk-Frother. If you’re making your own cafe latt├ęs or cappuccino’s at home, and don’t have a fancy coffee machine, this gadget froths milk really well. It’s also great because it doesn’t take up a lot of room.

What are some other gadgets that you find really useful?


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