The Talent Code

{The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle}

Talent is something most of us can recognize, at least in the areas of our expertise and interests, but it is something that is often difficult to cultivate. It’s actually a topic that’s always fascinated us.

The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle does a really solid job of explaining how talent develops, using interesting case studies and simple science.

What’s really cool about this book, in addition to the easy-going style that it’s written in considering the complex idea that it’s tackling, is that the author breaks down the factors contributing to talent, unravelling the mystery of how someone becomes talented in their field and it has a lot to do with practice which creates myelin. According to Coyle, “Some scientists believe this myelin building through repeated activity is what separates the masses from the great athletes. The athlete’s neuronal pathways for their specific skills have been turned into superhighways.”

The book certainly presents an interesting argument of nurture over nature with regards to talent.


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