Just Because…

Just Because…


It’s mid-winter break (and it’s March Break here) and that means that many people will be heading south this week. We won’t be visiting a beach this coming week, but here are some pictures from a previous vacation we took to Cuba. For anyone who doesn’t know, Canadians flock to Cuba the way Americans flock to Hawaii.


{A typical Cuban car}

La Campana Restaurant

{La Campana Restaurant nestled in Parque Josone in the town of Varadero, where local families make up the bulk of the clientele.}

Varadero Beach

{Varadero Beach–Supposedly, some of the famous pictures of Che Guevara playing golf were taken at the golf course in the distance.}

Varadero Beach

{Varadero Beach}


{Cuban taxis lining up outside our hotel. It could be the 1950s by the looks of them.}


{A great patio overlooking the hotel grounds and ocean. It was usually empty during the day because it was unbearably hot. It was, however, the perfect place to hear some music and enjoy a Mojito in the evening.}

Have a great weekend!


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