Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Autumn Tree

This weekend, we are celebrating Thanksgiving in Canada. It is one of our favourite holidays as it is still the least commercial, and has remained relatively simple. We usually celebrate by having dinner with family and friends, getting in touch with nature, and of course by remembering and acknowledging all that we are thankful in our lives.

Even, our protagonist Kristen, in our novel, Stargazing from Nowhere, loves Thanksgiving. She says of the holiday, “The combined aromas of squash soup, sweet potatoes, roasted turkey, fresh cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie meant only one thing: It was Thanksgiving at my house.” And it isn’t it so true, that all of these delicious items remind us of how warm and comforting this holiday can be?

There’s a quote that helps us to remind ourselves the importance of gratitude that we thought fitting for this time of year. We hope you enjoy it.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thankgiving Quote


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