Running Gear Guide Fall/Winter Edition

Running Gear Guide Fall/Winter Edition

Since starting to run outdoors again last winter, we’ve learned how to properly prepare ourselves for those cold days and nights when we are wanting to go running, but don’t want to freeze! Now that the temperature has dipped, we’ve pulled out our running gear as well as picked up a few new items and we’ve decided to share them with you.

1. Can’t Stop Pant from Lululemon. Especially great for running outside in this transitional fall/winter time period.

2. Saucony Running Shoe. Very supportive shoe. One of our favourites. Always stylish too.

3. Swifty Tech Long Sleeve from Lululemon. Great as a base. Love these–have bought several in different colours.

4. Bonded Ear Warmer. For the days when there’s just a bit of a bite in the air.

5. Extreme Element Run Jacket. Really protects you from the cold winds.

6. Crush Bottle Carrier. Great to stay hydrated.

7. iPod Nano from Apple. It doesn’t necessarily keep you warm, but it is a staple for running hot or cold. This iPod carries more music than you’ll ever need on a run and tracks your progress.

8. Powerunner Glove. Another staple for those cold, cold days/nights.

9. Star Runner Pullover from Lululemon. Mid-layer for keeping warm.


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