Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea

Coincidentally we both a rough day at work recently. The problem with rough days at work are that they often follow you home and they stay with you all night, into the next day and linger for who knows how long.

Instead of wallowing in the petty details that arose throughout and were really, in the scheme of things, insignificant, we decided to shake off all the bad feelings that came up as a result of the bad day.

Now the problem with living in the same city for so long is that you sometimes get a little bored. How many times can you do the same thing like visit a bookstore, or go to a coffee shop? Neither of us were in the mood for that, so we decided to do something very luxurious and decadent. Something we don’t normally do.

We went for afternoon tea at the Windsor Arms Hotel. It’s such a great thing to do because it is so low-key and relaxing. We definitely felt much much better by the time we left.

Here are some photos from the tea:

Windsor Arms Tea Room
Windsor Arms Main Room

Table Setting

Floral teapots. You don’t see much floral these days (not always a bad thing), which makes these teapots all the more charming.

Tea Pots

Our tea. So soothing.We had the Earl Grey with Roses (Ceylon, Bergamot and Roses–pictured on the bottom), and the early Grey with Blue Flowers (Ceylon, Bergamot, and Lavender–pictured at the top).

And here’s the yummy stuff:

Afternoon Tea
A delicious assortment of quiche, scones, sandwiches, and pastries to choose from. So tasty, comforting and satisfying. It’s amazing how filling it is.
We’ll go back for sure.


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