Mala Beads

Mala Beads


What are Mala Beads: 

Mala beads are referred to as prayer beads and are made out of rudraksha beads or rudraksha seeds which are only found in certain parts of the world, including Bali and India. According to the Tiny Devotions website, “Rudrakshas are known to be the tears of Shiva. Shiva meditated on the welfare of mankind, crying tears of compassion which crystallized upon hitting the earth to form the Rudraksha tree.”

Mala beads have been used in Hinduism, Buddhism as well as in yoga practice. They are made up on 108 beads, which are used to count our chant/prayer as we are using the malas. The number 108 has a lot of spiritual significance including the number of energy lines we have that connect to our Heart chakra, as well as the belief that in our most calm state we only take in 108 breaths.

How are they used?

Typically, Mala beads are used while reciting a chant, mantra or a prayer. Mala beads are held in your right hand and your thumb is used to count or keep track of each mantra by touching the bead and then lightly pushing the bead away on completion of your mantra, and moving to the next bead.

While you are reciting your mantra with the help of your Mala beads, you should be in a meditative state, and the energy of the beads, overtime, should help you feel grounded, calm, and lighter.

Choosing  your Mala beads:

There are so many different styles and colors of Mala beads, it can be confusing deciding which is the right one for you. The best answer that I’ve been given and the one that I think is the most true is that the Mala bead speaks to you or you are drawn to it for whatever reason, and that is how you know which is the right one for you. You can’t really go wrong with deciding which one you want, as long as it is one that you enjoy looking at, feels right when you are wearing it, and allows you to connect and feel grounded.

I definitely took my time when deciding which Mala bead would best suit me and I eventually decided on the White Highest Potential Mala (pictured above) and Warrior Stack while Isabel picked the Protection Mala and the Transition Stack.

I really do feel their impact when I wear them. Energetically, I feel much more grounded, focused, and calm. I make sure to wear them whenever I feel like I need that extra bit of support, and I do feel that they help.

Where you can get your own:

I found Tiny Devotions through one of my yoga studios (889 Yoga), as they sell a few of their items.  After looking around, and researching Mala beads, this is the place that I have used and like best.

Image courtesy of Tiny Devotions.


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