Feminine Office Ideas

While our office isn’t as bad as it was a few weeks ago, we are still working to get it to be a fully-functional, visually appealing and comfortable office space. We’ve pretty much changed it completely from what it was (we had a lot of mismatched furniture, oversized couches and IKEA desks that were really dated and no longer as functional for us), which was unexpected but since we were flooded, we had little choice. It’s kind of fun to start from scratch (and a tad overwhelming!), and while we work to getting it completed, we’ve been looking at some office ideas to help inspire us to create our own unique work space. After all, we are working on the sequel to our novel, so we need to have an office that fosters creativity.

One thing that we’re both interested in right now for our office is to make it more feminine than it was. While we’re not entirely sure of getting white desks, we have bought all white bookcases, so it will definitely lighten the office space up. What we also really like with more feminine office spaces are the accessories and the splashes of colour that make it very pretty and comfortable.

These are some of the feminine office ideas that caught our eye:

Feminine Work Office

{Image Courtesy of Asapela Home Design}
Home Office Decor

{Image Courtesy of Starry Days Sunny Nights}
Feminine Office Ideas

{Image Courtesy of Home Dit}
Pretty Home Office

{Image Courtesy of Design Heaven}
Feminine Office Ideas

{Image Courtesy of Digs Digs}
Cozy Home Office

{Image Courtesy of Whimages the Blog}
Feminine Office Ideas

{Image Courtesy of DIY Cozy Home}

{Image Courtesy of Classic Chic Home}
Pink Home Office

{Image Courtesy of Pinterest}
What do you think of these ideas? How do you make your office space work for you?


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