Getting into the Christmas spirit

Getting into the Christmas spirit

Neither one of us are yet fully in the Christmas spirit and it’s already December 19th! The flood we had this past July has taken a lot of our attention, so it’s pretty much all we’ve been doing when we haven’t been working, and are only now getting fully settled. Everything in our basement is done except the warm fuzzy decorating which will have to be done here and there since to do everything all at once would be way too overwhelming. It was pretty overwhelming already, so at least now the functionality of the office, closet and gym are working and that is most important. Decorating might be done on a snow day!

In order to get more into the Christmas spirit, we’ve collected a few Christmas things that we find comforting and inspiring and that will help get us into the Christmas spirit.

Christmas Tree Ideas

{Image Courtesy of Free Fever}

Christmas Fireplace Mantels

{Image Courtesy of Homy Licious}

Christmas Decorations

{Image Courtesy of Digs Digs}

Christmas Spirit

{Image Courtesy of Trisha Romance, an artist based in Niagara on the Lake}


{Image Courtesy of Jazzy Living}

Hot Chocolate

{Image Courtesy of Cassie Fairy}


{Image Courtesy of Lakefront Estates}

Cozy Christmas

{Image Courtesy of Pianeta Donna}


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