Reflections on the end of another year

Reflections on the end of another year

2013 has been an interesting year. One main thing that we are very happy and proud of is that we completed and published our debut novel, Stargazing from Nowhere, we re-designed this blog and put up a completely new one (the one for our novel). Other events that we would rather not have dealt with include a major flood in our basement (doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it has taken six months to get things back to normal and it’s still not totally completed), as well as some family health matters that have been very stressful and some other personal ups and downs.

This time of year always seems to lend itself to reflect on the previous year we’ve had and to help us to make adjustments in ourselves, our jobs, our relationships, etc., as we see fit so that we can continue to grow, make progress, make improvements and generally make the following year better than the last.

Keeping that in mind, rather than list what our resolutions are for 2014 or go into deep reflection on 2013, we’d prefer to reflect on some ancient Chinese proverbs that we find relevant at the moment, and absorb their meaning for how best to live our lives in the coming year.

Have a Happy New Year!

Chinese Proverb1

Chinese Proverb3

Chinese Proverb4

Chinese Proverb2


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