January Blues

High Park in Winter

I was in a coffee shop last night and a woman came in and started complaining about January–about the cold, the grey and the overall miserable-ness of it. She also added how it’s a perfect time of year to get away. I silently agreed with her and even though I had sometimes felt guilty about having these feelings, it was kind of nice to have someone else admit them. After all, I’m Canadian and I’m supposed to love frigid temperatures, right? Besides, it was less than a month ago that I, along with the rest of the world, was eagerly and excitedly welcoming in a new year, without giving any thought to grey days on the horizon.

For many people, once the clock strikes midnight at New Year’s Eve, and the following days and months turn into regular days, the excitement we felt in December seems like it was so long ago and those high levels of excitement become unrealistic to keep up.

I do feel that often times people are a bit unrealistic with their resolutions. For instance, I once heard someone say that they were going to be the happiest they could be each and every day and not let any single thing bother them ever! I mean, come on. We are going to have shit days and be in shitty moods sometimes. If you think you’re not, then the minute you do you’ll feel like you’ve failed. So I’m not a big fan of setting up these types of expectations, but the excitement of a clean start of of having hope and begin excited, that’s different.

So back to January. As beautiful as the snow can be (the above picture was taken in High Park when I went for a run), it doesn’t stop it from being freezing cold here in Toronto, and it is very grey. I have been looking at taking a small break somewhere, anywhere hot with sunny beaches. Acknowledging that the grind or the routine isn’t kind of sucking right now would be lying, so trying to find ways in which to overcome and preserver is important.

There are a whole bunch of things that can be done now to keep that same level of optimism we had at New Year’s alive and to keep us in the right direction. Taking a vacation is a great idea if you can take the time away from work and you can afford it, spa days are great too, doing a cleanse (not always pleasant but it does jump start you into eating right if you feel the need to start changing your eating habits), and of course adding a work out or changing it up.

Overall, it feels like it’s a time to hibernate but not too much. I was over at Lainey Gossip last week and she was discussing Chinese New Year which is coming up on January 31st and how it’s a good time to clean your house and to clean yourself up (even by getting a haircut) to get rid of the dead weight you might be carrying and preparing yourself for something new.

Doing these things can be very symbolic, and the very act of doing them shows that you’re optimistic that things will be better, that you’ll feel better and that the grey days will get sunnier again. If that fails, book a flight to somewhere like Cuba (Varadero Beach pictured below). That’s always a good solution.




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