Writing Prompts

Writing Prompts


It’s great when the creativity flows, and every word you type on the page is brilliant, but as everyone knows, this isn’t always easy.

Sometimes everyone needs a little help getting their creative juices pumping, and sometimes writing prompts are a good way to jumpstart our writing. Even if it’s not a story we were planning on writing, it gets us to write something and it gets us to think outside the box and getting unstuck.

We’ve included a few fun ones below that Isabel has used in the Writer’s Craft course she’s teaching, and the students love them. Some of them are funny (or can be) while others are strange–we can’t decide which is more fun to write about. All of these and more can be found at Writer’s Digest.

Prompt 1: I’m Supposed To Be Getting Married Today, But…

You call an old flame from high school whom you still have feelings for and ask to meet up. The flame says, “Sure, how about noon at the pub by your house.” While waiting at the pub, your flame walks in—wearing a wedding dress (or tuxedo). The flame looks at you and says, “I’m supposed to be getting married today, but…” What happens? Write this scene.

Prompt 2: The Face Outside

You’re awoken from your midnight sleep in your favorite chair to your dog barking wildly in the living room. Pulling her aside, you look out the window, only to see a face staring right back at you. Whose is it? Why are they there? Read more

Prompt 3: Terrible Concert

You’ve just been to the worst rock concert of your life. You’re at a bar with friends, drowning your disgust, when the lead singer of the band shows up and offers to buy you a drink. You agree to under one condition—and that deal leads to one memorable night.

Prompt 4: Circus Dwarf

You wake up in a darkened circus tent, wearing a bright blue and yellow clown costume and a fluffy red wig. There is a dwarf standing over you with bucket of water. “You okay?” he asks. Write this scene.

Prompt 5: Not Your Real Mother

Mother’s Day is over and you’ve just finished a nice dinner with your mom when you receive a phone call. An unfamiliar female voice is on the other end and says, “Stop celebrating with her! I’m your real mother.” Write this scene.

Have fun! If you’d like to share your stories, please submit them to us at hello@lettersandlipstick.com and we’ll post them on the site.


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