Funny Valentine’s Day Cards

Cute Valentines Day Cards

Valentine's Day is tomorrow. Are you looking forward to it? We've noted before how stationary and letter writing seems obsolete, but sometimes we're reminded of how nice it is when we receive a letter in the mail or see pretty stationary, and how it should be used more often. We also don't tend to send a lot of cards to people--it is so much easier to send a text or an email--but it is a nice, thoughtful gesture. We've found some funny Valentine's Day cards that we wanted to share--it's a … [Read more...]

Here’s Gazing At You, Michael Bey

Director Michael Bay

Film Director Michael Bey recently walked off a stage in embarrassment during what was supposedly a talk/promo for a Samsung TV. It's easy to feel empathy for him, because really, who can't relate to the embarrassment of wanting to walk away when facing a crowd that is waiting for you to be inspiring, brilliant or at least informative? But mixed in with empathy is also the nagging question: "Why couldn't he handle facing people to talk about a TV?" The teleprompter was supposedly not working, … [Read more...]

From Desire to Blue Jasmine

Cate Blanchette Blue Jasmine

  Woody Allen has really grown on us lately. While he’s always been regarded as a significant filmmaker, it hasn’t been until more recent works like Midnight in Paris and Cassandra’s Dream that have made him a director whose films were not to be missed. Blue Jasmine, his latest work, is an insightful, inventive movie, even as it relies on key elements of Tennessee William’s Pulitzer-prize winning play A Streetcar Named Desire. What the film opens the curtain on, 66 years after the play’s … [Read more...]


{The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle}{Source} Talent is something most of us can recognize, at least in the areas of our expertise and interests, but it is something that is often difficult to cultivate. It’s actually a topic that’s always fascinated us. The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle does a really solid job of explaining how talent develops, using interesting case studies and simple science. What’s really cool about this book, in addition to the easy-going style that it’s written in … [Read more...]

Just Because…

The 85th Academy Awards are upon us. We love Hollywood, and the Oscars, so in the spirit of the award, we thought we'd share some photos from a trip to California. We've gone out there a few times, but this last time, we agreed that we would take some photos along the main tourist hang-out. Please enjoy some of the photos from our last trip to California. … [Read more...]

The Oscars’ Humble Beginning


The 85th Annual Academy Awards has come a long way.... Love it or hate it, agree with it or disagree with it, the Oscars aim to celebrate excellence in film in a big (albeit sometimes obnoxious) way. Wonder if in the beginning they knew that they were starting something that one day would become so huge. Here is some footage from the First Annual Academy Awards. Love the black and white glamour and drama. We’re really looking forward … [Read more...]

Writing Groups

Writing Groups

Writing groups, if with the right mix of people, working in a positive manner, can be a meaningful tool to getting work ready for public consumption. Writers' groups can also be extremely negative in spirit, with poor results for their members. There really can be a fine line between what makes a worthwhile writing group and one that doesn't accomplish much at all. We've had a lot of experience over the years with belonging to writing groups, whether they were workshops in progress, belonging to … [Read more...]

Poetry Style


Party games are not just for kids.  The problem with party games is that they can be quite dull while people frantically try for excitement.  Neither of us is a big fan of games, but we both love using improv ideas for parties sometimes.  Sometimes, you want to have some activity at a smaller party that can be a way for your guests to unwind, have some fun and bond with one another.  Using poetry in a party game is our version of doing a party game of charades. Poetry is one of those things … [Read more...]

Romantic Comedy Anyone?


We are both big movie buffs, and grew up watching all film genres, but our favourite has always remained romantic comedies.  Romantic comedies are enjoyable and relaxing to watch, and are often so incredibly funny! Plus, the female protagonist is often very relatable, and that's what the female audience wants to see. While there is a time and place for watching dramas, action films or art films, there is also a time for escaping with a good romantic comedy.  We could always use more fun and … [Read more...]

TV News Anchor Knows How to Handle Herself


This video made the rounds yesterday, and I felt compelled to write something about it.  This has really irked me, so it's a longer than usual post today. If you haven't seen it yet, then take a minute to watch it, and we'll discuss it below. I know, right? Why this is wrong on so many levels: -The audacity of this viewer, Kenneth Krause.  The very fact that he felt that he could say such things to someone else is … [Read more...]