Christmas by Lamplight

Dining room at Black Creek Pioneer Village, Toronto, Canada

For anyone getting nostalgic for an old fashioned Christmas, taking a trip to a Victorian village can be warmly satisfying and help get you into the Christmas spirit. Black Creek Pioneer Village is a local historical site that holds a Christmas by Lamplight event for three weekends in December. It's always well attended by families as there are some activities for both adults and kids to partake in, but mostly it's a time to enjoy the Christmas spirit in a small Canadian village. As you walk … [Read more...]

Mala Beads

Tiny Devotions Mala Beads

What are Mala Beads:  Mala beads are referred to as prayer beads and are made out of rudraksha beads or rudraksha seeds which are only found in certain parts of the world, including Bali and India. According to the Tiny Devotions website, "Rudrakshas are known to be the tears of Shiva. Shiva meditated on the welfare of mankind, crying tears of compassion which crystallized upon hitting the earth to form the Rudraksha tree." Mala beads have been used in Hinduism, Buddhism as well as in yoga … [Read more...]

Fall Wish List 2013

Fall Wish List

Summer has left much too quickly; anyone else find Labour Day a sad holiday? One nice thing about transitioning into fall are the fall fashions that are always warm and cute. This year, we haven't been paying too much attention to what is available in stores, as we've been super busy getting our book completed (for a refresher on our book, click here) and everything that goes with that, but a few pieces have caught our eye, and we've listed them here. 1. Daynah Quilted Shoulder Dress … [Read more...]

Ryan Joelson

Ryan Joelson

We got a chance to attend a Fashion show last week during Toronto Fashion Week 2013 and loved Toronto-based designer, Ryan Joelson's 2013 Spring collection. His collection was fresh, exciting and luxurious. What was especially unique was his wonderful ability to make tulle look punk-rock, yet still feminine. Here are a few pictures from the runway. … [Read more...]

Just Because…

Necklace with Black and White Pearls

For this week's Just Because series, we've focused on some pieces of jewellery that we love. We've sometimes been afraid of piling on too much jewellery and having a cluttered and confused look, so we both often opt for wearing pieces that are simple but pretty nonetheless. Have a great weekend!     … [Read more...]

Just Because…

It's mid-winter break (and it's March Break here) and that means that many people will be heading south this week. We won't be visiting a beach this coming week, but here are some pictures from a previous vacation we took to Cuba. For anyone who doesn't know, Canadians flock to Cuba the way Americans flock to Hawaii. {A typical Cuban car} {La Campana Restaurant nestled in Parque Josone in the town of Varadero, where local families make up the bulk of the clientele.} {Varadero … [Read more...]

Just Because…

We were hit with yet another snow storm this week in Toronto, and the winter now certainly feels like it's dragging on. With all the slush and grey we've been surrounded by lately, we needed a reminder that spring is just around the corner and have posted a few things below that we're surrounded by (indoors) that are mainly in pink and serve to cheer us up when the weather starts to get to us. {A beautiful light pink/beige lamp.} {Beautiful Foolishness Tea served in ceramic mugs at Live … [Read more...]

Red Lipstick

MAC Lipsticks

We've always loved red lipstick. A lot of people have shied away from it, but it's always remained a staple in our make-up bags. We're also huge fans of MAC Cosmetics, and so we've put together our three favourite red lipsticks from MAC. Mac Red A deep red without being overwhelming. Has a little bit of shine. Ruby Woo A calm, matte red. Gives you colour without being overly bright. Russian Red A very bold and bright colour. When Marilyn learned that this was the colour Madonna used … [Read more...]

Oscar Favourites


We love watching the Oscar's Red Carpet because ordinarily, the dresses are divine. It's a very specific event; formal, fun and defining. As kids, we'd play dress-up, dreaming of all the fancy dresses we would one day wear, but sometimes, there's too much work and too little play and the dreaming up of beautiful dresses turns into wearing what's practical, time-wise and economy-wise. The Oscars, then, is much like grown-up dress-up. For those nominated for awards, what they wear is a serious … [Read more...]

Just Because…

Last week, Toronto was hit with a massive Snow storm. We had about 25-30 centimetres of snow, and it was both beautiful and frightful at the same time. Below, we've shared some of our photos from the Snow storm. Have a great weekend, and thank you for joining us for our first full week back on the blog! … [Read more...]