Just Because…

On Fridays, we'd like to bring you a few of the images that have captured our interest recently just because they are either beautiful, useful, delicious, inspiring or artsy for you to enjoy before you head into your weekends. Since we've become Downton Abbey fans, we've enjoyed the stylistic features of the show as well as the show itself. This week, our images are inspired by the show. Have a great weekend! … [Read more...]

Niagara Falls

People from all over the world are drawn to the beauty of Niagara Falls, Ontario.  The Falls are really two Falls: the Horseshoe Falls and the American Falls (sometimes called Rainbow falls, including the Bridal Veil Falls).  The Falls have changed a lot since our childhoods, where families would settle along the grassy fields, with their picnics, often fighting over the park's picnic tables.  Since then, two casinos have been built, as well as some nice hotels, and restaurants, although the … [Read more...]

Just Because…

As previously mentioned, we are in the process of putting together our office space, and we are finding a few items to include to spruce it up.  I got this as a gift and have added it to my desk since I love the message:     For a look at some of the other items in our office, take a look here. Have a great weekend! … [Read more...]

Sarah’s Summer Escape

Hi Everyone, This week, our first guest blogger is Sarah, a former student of ours.  This week she shares her thoughts on the value of reconnecting with your roots, and describes her experience in doing that. I’ve been sitting at my computer for the past half an hour, thinking of some way to begin this post, my first post ever anywhere, about one of the things I am most passionate about in life. As I kept erasing and re-writing sentence after sentence, I stopped and thought to myself, … [Read more...]

Mr. Tough Guy

We went away for a few days last week, and when we got back home, our eldest dog, Ruby, seemed a little annoyed at us having left him (he peed on the luggage upon our return and wore a serious expression all the way home after being picked up from his boarding place). Unlike our other dog, Pepe, who is constantly affectionate, Ruby often spends a lot of time alone by his own choosing, and he gives off the vibe that he's too cool and too macho to be affectionate, but on this particular day, … [Read more...]

Short Hair

When actress Anne Hathaway recently got married, many commented that she should have waited for her hair to grow out before walking down the ailse.  As you may already know, Anne Hathaway has been filming Les Miserables, and had to cut her hair drastically short for her role.  Gone are her long locks that we've become accustomed to, and instead, she's wearing it quite short.  She'll most likely grow it out now that filming has wrapped--although she might keep it short to better sell her … [Read more...]

Banana Republic Sweaters

I was a bit early to meet a friend last week, so I took a few minutes to browse at a nearby Banana Republic, one of my favourite stores, and bought a few items. It was difficult to resist the urge to buy at least one of the sweater jackets because one of the things I love about fall are the cozy sweater jackets I can wear.  The colours are earthy, and they're so comfortable and warm.  It makes me crave going for long walks or curling up on the couch, reading (what a luxury!). They've all … [Read more...]

Pointe Shoes

Like many women, this past summer I wore a lot of ballet flats and never felt like taking them off since they were so comfortable.  While dance training was anything but comfortable, (although very fulfilling and wonderful in many ways), the ballet flats that I wore this summer reminded me of my ballet training, and the ballet shoes that I wore. While there were flat shoes to wear regularly, I wore pointe shoes often, which are the proper shoes worn by ballet dancers when dancing on the … [Read more...]

He Always Makes Us Smile

Pepe as a baby

We haven't been able to post as often as we had hoped, but now that another school year is ending, we are hoping to spend a little more time back on the blog.  In the meantime, we hope you'll smile at a picture of Pepe enjoying his seat: Until next time! … [Read more...]

Summer Nail Polishes


As much as we like to spend time reading, writing and other types of work, we are women and of course, that means we love girly-girl stuff.  Now if we could just find the time... Things have been so hectic recently, that we've both postponed, or rather cancelled, our manicure appointments a few times.  This week, we're going, and we've posted below some of our favourite summer colours from Zoya and Essie to choose from. Do you have any favourite nail polishes for summer? … [Read more...]