Writing Prompts


It's great when the creativity flows, and every word you type on the page is brilliant, but as everyone knows, this isn't always easy. Sometimes everyone needs a little help getting their creative juices pumping, and sometimes writing prompts are a good way to jumpstart our writing. Even if it's not a story we were planning on writing, it gets us to write something and it gets us to think outside the box and getting unstuck. We've included a few fun ones below that Isabel has used in the … [Read more...]

In Transition

Office in Transition

Our basement was flooded due to the heavy rainstorm that hit Toronto this past July. It's hard to believe that, four months later, we are still living out of boxes and rebuilding what was lost and damaged. We are in the midst of putting our office back together (we have A LOT of books!) and it's taking so much longer than we expected, but hopefully it will all come together and be completed in the next couple of weeks. It did look a lot worse back in July when we were moving out of the … [Read more...]

Historical Fiction

Loving Frank by Nancy Horan

“I have been standing on the side of life, watching it float by. I want to swim in the river. I want to feel the current.” -Mamah Borthwick from Loving Frank by Nancy Horan   Ever since I read the novel, Loving Frank, by Nancy Horan, I have both loved Historical fiction. I picked it up by chance, and spent two days over Christmas break hiding from everybody, unable to put it down. Since then, I've have both read The Paris Wife by Paula McLain, and are now reading Z:A Novel of … [Read more...]

The Book Fairy Haven


Last week, we were featured on the Book Fairy Haven's blog. Tammy, who runs the blog, asked us to write about what makes for a compelling romance in YA fiction. We came up with Top 5 ingredients we find essential for a strong romance in YA fiction. To read the post, click here. … [Read more...]

Our Writing Process

Stargazing Manuscript

We’ve both written apart before writing together, and the writing process as a single author is somewhat different, not to mention that it also varies depending upon the particular form for the story. For a novel, for this novel in particular, part of the challenge and part of the fun was developing a new writing process that worked for us, part inspiration, part necessity, especially since neither one of us had written a novel before as our focus had been mainly on screenplays and plays. … [Read more...]

Our New Book

Facebook Profile of Stargazing From Nowhere

It’s here! Stargazing from Nowhere, our YA novel, is finally available in paperback, with the ebook to follow next week. It is part Romantic-Comedy, part Teen Romance. When we first began writing scripts together, a YA novel was not on the horizon at all until we finished one of our scripts, an early version of the novel. While we loved the script format and knew it would make a wonderful romantic comedy, we also began to feel that the story would really suit a younger protagonist than … [Read more...]

Exciting News


We're busy with some final details for our new novel, so that's taking up a lot of our time. We will back here soon. … [Read more...]

Hallowe’en Poetry

Hallowe'en Tree

Happy Hallowe'en everyone! Hurricane Sandy almost ruined Hallowe'en in Toronto, but so far, it looks like Hallowe'en is happening and princesses, firefighters, witches and monsters will be out in search of candy later tonight. We still have to get a few things ready for our special visitors, but in the meantime wanted to send you a link to Edgar Allan Poe's Short story The Black Cat.  It's scary, disturbing and suspenseful--perfect for Hallowe'en.  If you like that, and want to read … [Read more...]

You at 72 Writing Prompt


We do like writing prompts.  Looking into the future can be fun, so here's one in that spirit: On the eve of your 72nd birthday, you get an unsigned note with no return address. The note says, "I finally found the courage to say something to you.  Meet me later at _____________." So... Who wrote the note, what is it that he/she needs to tell you and where are you supposed to be meeting? Write the scene in one of the following forms: narrative prose, narrative poem, song, drama or … [Read more...]

Christmas Writing Prompt


I've been teaching a Grade 12 Writer's Craft course this semester, and most of the students are really keen on writing.  One of the things I sometimes do with them is give them writing prompts at the start of class as a warm-up.  It can be hard to start something and writing prompts get you in a creative mood.  One of my students asked for more Christmas-themed prompts because this is that time of year. Christmas-Themed Prompt: You are newly engaged!  Congratulations! Mazel Tov!  You are … [Read more...]