Beating the flu bug…unconventionally


After leaving work on Friday, I felt so awful with all the signs of a flu bug.  Earlier in the year, when I had a bug, the doctor advised me to take zinc lozenges because they're great bug deflectors.  I hadn't even heard of them before, but have since found that they're seriously effective and quite nice to chew on--like the candy you'd have as a kid.  She also advised me to take two vitamin D tablets daily because I come across so many people in the course of a day.  She said she took four. … [Read more...]

What’s Up With Frenemies?


A frenemy is someone who is rooting for your success and your demise at the same time. They want what's best for you as true friends do, while wishing you get your worst, as someone who vengefully hates you might.  They are there for your biggest moments and your worst because they are your friends, which means you have given them access to your life, to your inner circle. Sometimes frenemy relationships last an entire lifetime, managing to balance themselves precariously at the exact right … [Read more...]

Five Cool Places in Toronto to Write


We are guilty of momentarily resenting the person at the coffee shop who is sitting solo at the great table, obsessively hitting his/her laptops's keys, their coffee long gone.  Coffee break real estate is probably the least discriminatory that there is--where else could someone sit for hours having only ordered a coffee without being politely reminded that there's any ort of time limit?  Never. Or  maybe we just don't go to those places. But when you have the seat, and the coffee and it's a … [Read more...]