A Joyous Moment – A Full Moon in Lisbon

A full moon in Lisbon, Portugal.
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More and more, we’re realizing that Lisbon is never short on delivering joyous moments. Full moons are beautiful wherever you go, but this one was a bit of a surprise, which made it feel especially special.

We recently went to Lisbon for an overnight stay and were met with a wonderful surprise, which made for a perfect joyous moment. Once we parked our car, we walked the few blocks to our hotel, rolling our small suitcases behind us along the uneven cobblestone streets, when we spotted a beautiful sight.

Poking between the narrow streets was a bright, low moon in downtown Lisbon. Of course, this scene made us, and a crowd of tourists, pause to admire its beauty.

We hope you enjoy it too.

A Full Moon in Lisbon

Maybe you’ve seen a full moon in Lisbon? Or somewhere else that was purely magical? Share your full moon, joyous moment with us in the comments below.

Moon poking out in Lisbon, Portugal.

-Isabel & Marilyn

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