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A Visit to Óbidos, Portugal

Purple flowers along a wall in Obidos Portugal



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Óbidos, Portugal, is less than an hour north of Lisbon, making it a perfect day trip from the country’s capital. A visit to Óbidos is always on our list of recommendations for friends who travel through the area, and they are always happy they visited this charming village.

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near the entrance more flowers
(Óbidos is full of beautiful blooming flowers)

The History of Óbidos, Portugal

Built between the 12th and 14th centuries, Óbidos has a long and complicated history. In 1148, the first king of Portugal, Afonso Henriques, took control over the area from the Moors. Later, In 1228, King Dinis I gifted his wife, Elizabeth of Aragon, the castle as a wedding gift.

The village survived the earthquake of 1755, although it did experience damage to the castle walls, which were repaired in the early 1900s.

The main entrance to Obidos Portugal
(The main entrance to Óbidos Portugal)

archway in obidos adjoining the Senhora da Graca Chapel
(Archway in Óbidos, Portugal)

When you first go through the entrance, you will pass an archway and a balcony decorated with blue and white tiles dating back from 1740. These tiles hold an inscription in honour of Our Lady of Sorrows.

As you progress through the village, you can choose to climb the steps (there is no railing so proceed with a lot of caution) and walk around the castle walls from above.

overlooking obidos
(Overlooking Óbidos)

view looking out over obiods
(Óbidos from above)

Stroll through the cobblestone roads of Óbidos

You can also choose to forego climbing the walls and casually stroll through the roads. Óbidos is rich in history, beautiful, and peaceful and is currently home to less than 3,000 inhabitants. It also has many restaurants, pastry shops, and coffee shops. There are also many vendors selling Ginja, the famous cherry liquor in Óbidos, in dark chocolate cups. Every time we return to North America, we’re sure to bring bottles back for our friends.

wandering in obidos
(A house in Óbidos)

a house in obidos portugal

steps in obidos
(Steps through the village)

santa maria church in obidos
(Santa Maria Church in the Village’s Centre)

marilyn in obidos
(Marilyn in Óbidos)

isabel in obidos
(Isabel in Obidos)

pink flowers along a white wall in obidos

Purple flowers along a wall in Obidos Portugal

a mini castle inside obidos
(A mini castle inside Óbidos)

the southern part of obidos looking towards the castle
(The Southern point of Óbidos)

3 shots of ginja in obidos
(3 shots of Ginja)

ginja in chocolate cups in obidos
(Ginja with chocolate)

a healthy lunch in obidos
(A healthy lunch inside the castle walls)

The City of Literature

Óbidos is currently known as the City of Literature for all its bookstores and book events. In fact, each October, Óbidos is home to the Folio Festival, a literary festival with author talks and craft workshops.

a library in obidos
(One of many library/bookstores inside Óbidos)

outside one of the bookstores looking down the mainstreet of obidos
(Outside one of the bookstores, overlooking the main street)

Let us know in the comments if you’d like a more information on the village of Óbidos.

-Isabel & Marilyn

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  1. Susye says:

    I have been to Portugal but haven’t visited Óbidos yet. When is the best time of year to visit to avoid crowds of tourists?

    • Isabel and Marilyn says:

      Óbidos has become a hot-spot for sure, so it is often busy with tourists; however, it starts to lighten up around October and through the winter. It’s always beautiful though, so you can’t go wrong visiting at any time.

  2. Sara says:

    I just got back from Portugal last week! Amazing trip.

  3. Tess says:

    Óbidos looks so amazing!! can’t wait to someday visit 🙂

    • Isabel and Marilyn says:

      It’s definitely worth a visiting. Our friends are always so happy that we’ve taken them there.

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