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Lisbon Packing List: Summer Edition

marilyn and isabel at portas do sol lisbon



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One thing we wish we’d had when we first started visiting Lisbon frequently, was a packing list, specifically, a Lisbon packing list. While there were basic things, like toiletries and favourite dresses that we knew to pack, it took a few Lisbon-specific trips to figure out exactly what we needed to be comfortable and to get the most out of our time there.

marilyn and isabel at portas do sol lisbon

The time to go to Lisbon is soon approaching, and so we are now in the midst of putting together our suitcases. While you can download our free Lisbon packing list, we thought we’d share with you our Top 10 items from that list.

Lisbon Packing List: Our Top 10 Items

We want to enjoy ourselves when travelling, which means we need to be comfortable. That’s why our top 10 items to take with us to Lisbon combine comfort (hello sneakers!), casual outfits that transition well from day to night (bonus if they photograph well), and easy technology so we can document our travels.

marilyn by a miradouro in lisbon


  • Adidas Sneakers. We were once walking for hours in Lisbon and our feet were aching! Marilyn led the way into a shoe store, saw these sneakers, tried them on, and walked out with them (We paid for them first). Ever since, we always take a pair of them with us.
  • Reef Flip Flops. We first came across these in Venice Beach, California and have been hooked since. They are super soft and their toe post doesn’t give us blisters. Bonus: it’s vegan leather.
  • Michael Kors Wedges. Even though we wear flats during the day when wandering around Lisbon, we also enjoy dressing up at night and sometimes that means we want a bit of a heel. Wedges are a must-have in Lisbon because of the cobblestone streets. You do not want to wear any kind of stiletto in those sidewalks.

isabel in chiado


  • Linen Dress. We both bought this dress last night and wore it a lot last summer. It’s perfect for lunches or for touring a museum. Linen Shirt. Linen is great for summer – fresh, light, and comfortable. Highly recommend. Linen Pants. Surprise, surprise. In all seriousness, you can’t go wrong with a pair of loose-fitting, linen pants. They will help keep you cool in Lisbon’s heat, are comfortable, and they’re stylish.
  • Reformation Dress. We always like to have a couple of fancy dresses to take with me to Lisbon – you never know when a night of Fado calls – and this year, this one is looking good.
  • J. Crew Hat. Always wear a hat during the day in Lisbon. It protects your skin from the sun and looks super chic.

view of lisbon and the tejo


  • Reusable Water Bottle. As you probably already know, it gets sweltering hot in Lisbon, made hotter when you walk up and down the hilly cobblestone streets.
  • Phone Battery Charger. Charge an extra battery in the evening, then throw it into your bag in the morning. Use it to keep your phone charged throughout the day so you can take all the photos your heart desires!


  • Earplugs. You might think you won’t need these, but you will. Lisbon is a noisy city and we mean noisy. Neighbourhood like the Baixa, Chiado, and Aflame are particularly noisy, late into the night when people gather on the streets (and often underneath windows of your rental) and talk and sing late into the night.

the tram 28 by a church in alfama

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  1. Tess says:

    such a great list! I need those sneakers especially!

  2. Susye says:

    Thank you for sharing your top picks for footwear and clothing essentials, ensuring both comfort and style during a trip to Lisbon’s vibrant streets and diverse locales!

  3. Chloe says:

    Great packing list! Might have to steal it for an upcoming trip to Cyprus x

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