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Since I spend a lot of time each year in Portugal, I do leave some items behind there. It’s so nice to have my favourite jogging pants and comfy slippers waiting for me after a red-eye flight. This should make packing easier, and in some ways it does; however, I still get a bit overwhelmed when it comes to deciding what to take and what to leave behind. As I sometimes do, this year, I added a few select items to my packing list – a sort of refresh for summer. Pack for Portugal with me and see what I’m taking.

None of my recommendations are sponsored, nor am I receiving a commission.

empty suitcase ready to pack for portugal


I love to wear dresses in the summer. This year, I’ve added a couple of day dresses and am taking back some favourites.

From top left to right:

  1. Tie Front Midi Dress (White Version) from Club Monaco
  2. Cotton Smocked Bodice Maxi Dress from Club Monaco
  3. Green Linen Dress from Ever New. Similar here.
  4. White Dress from White House Black Market (circa 2022)
  5. Black Jumpsuit from Aritzia


two skirts black and cream

  1. Printed Linen-Blend Midi Skirt from Club Monaco
  2. Diamond Pointelle Skirt from Club Monaco

bottoms to pack

Lots of linen pants. This year, I didn’t buy any new ones. I’m wearing a few I purchased last year from Uniqlo and Artizia. These are so perfect for walking around in Portugal. If you pair any linen pants with a well-fitted T-shirt and walking shoes, you can explore Lisbon and surrounding areas comfortably and stylishly.


various tops to pack for portugal

The same goes for tops. A new T-shirt, one that is preferably well-fitted, can help make a casual outfit look classic and cool.

Check out The Bowee Tee from Club Monaco and this linen buttoned up shirt from Aritzia.

TIP: I tend to pick neutrals as they photograph better against Portugal’s colourful tiles and backgrounds.


shoes i'm taking to portugal this summer

Do not wear heels in Lisbon! You will get stuck somewhere along the cobblestone streets, wobble, and potentially fall. Also, the sidewalks are slippery even when it’s not raining, so be sure to pack some anti-slip pads to apply to the bottom of your shoes – even the flat sandals.

As you can see, many of these shoes are from Michael Kors. From top left to right:

  1. Gold Braided Sandal from Michael Kors. Technically a heel, but a small one. Suitable for enjoying dinner on a patio and for walking short distances. Similar here.
  2. Leather Sandal from Michael Kors. Definitely apply an anti-slip underneath the front part of this sandal. Similar here.
  3. A great walking shoe for the day. Similar here.
  4. Flip flops from Reef. These are amazing because they use material and not plastic against your toe, which helps to prevent blisters.
  5. Slides from Michael Kors.

If you want a bit of a heel, wear wedges. This is one my favourite pairs that I’ve taken and worn in Portugal a lot: Berkley Leather Wedge Sandal from Michael Kors

Eye Wear

Five glasses to travel with

I didn’t buy any additional eye wear, but this is what I’m taking with me this year. Everything is from a few years ago, except the gold and pink readers from Caddis.


toilettries to pack

I’m experimenting with a few clean items, but most of the items here are from here and here.


my electronics

I never travel without my laptop nor without my phone. For longer trips, I’ll consider taking my ipad and fancy camera.

  1. Laptop Case and Tote from Leatherology
  2. iPad case and iPhone case from Burga


melmira undergarments

Bra shopping can be a bit…frustrating. It seems that every brand has their own measuring system which doesn’t make your life any easier when trying to figure out your size.

There’s a store in Toronto called Melmira that helps tremendously with that. There, you can get a bra fitting done by a professional. They measure you, bring you a few select styles and colours, and are then able to tell you whether your bras fit properly or not. They are very helpful and I’ve always left satisfied.

If you’re not in Toronto, check your local listings for a bra fitting specialty shop. It’s well worth it.

Packing for Portugal with Ease

Packed for Portugal

The fear of packing the wrong thing, or not enough of the right thing used to stress me out a lot. It’s one of the reasons I created this handy packing list for Lisbon. A simple, itemized list that I use time and time again for my own traveling to Lisbon and to Portugal in general.

Curious about our FREE packing list for Lisbon?

Check it out!

severa image lisbon packing list pin

What are you packing for Lisbon? Let me know in the comments if there’s anything you’re making sure to pack for your trip.


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Get insider tips on what to pack for Lisbon

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