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Summer Bucket List 2024

summer bucket list 2024



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Bright early mornings, long sunny afternoons, warm evenings spent outside. Summer is here! It seems that summer is the season everyone looks forward to in some way or another. Even if it’s only for the change of pace it invites. Because summer is short (sorry to point that out!), it’s a good idea to think about how you want to spend these precious months.

Having a summer bucket list helps make sure that you do all the things you want to do. A bucket list isn’t about being productive and getting things done, it’s about being mindful about how you spend your time and that engage in what brings you joy and fulfillment.

summer bucket list 2024
Summer Bucket List 2024

Summer Bucket List Ideas:

Pick and choose any of the summer bucket list ideas and do what works best for you.

Eat Gelato

One of us, we won’t say who, spent many summers without eating gelato. Never again. Enjoying gelato near the Sé Cathedral on a hot, sunny day was one of the most enjoyable parts of the summer.

Eat the darn gelato.

Have a Picnic in the Park

We’re bundled up indoors for so long during the non-summer months. Being able to relax and enjoy a meal in nature is such a lovely thing to do.

As a tip, you should try to keep a blanket in your car so you can have an impromptu picnic. If you don’t feel like packing a picnic, you can always pick up your favourite take out, find a spot in the park, take out your blanket, and enjoy your meal in nature.

Host an Outdoor Movie Night

You can do this in your own backyard or patio. Put up a white sheet, and with the help of a projector, you can watch a movie on a big screen for everyone to enjoy. You can also watch on your laptop and keep it cozy. Don’t forget the mosquito repellent!

Make BBQ Dinners

When you make the main dish on the BBQ, all that’s left is a side salad, roast some potatoes, and you’re done. Easy!

Enjoy a Campfire

Depending on your space, this one might be more difficult. If you can’t safely have a campfire near where you live, you can always scout out a safe place that allows this, such as a lake or a campsite. This is definitely more fun with friends. Bonus: Roast Marsh Mellows or make S’Mores over the fire!

Swim in the Lake/Ocean

What is summer if not an opportunity to swim? Even if you don’t love to swim or don’t consider yourself a great swimmer, being near the water has many benefits. Plus, if you just get your feet wet, you’ll cool down from the summer heat and feel better. Always swim with caution and we wouldn’t advise swimming alone, no matter how good of a swimmer you are.

solo women travel-letters and lipstick
Take time to pause this summer.

Bike on a New Trail

Bike rides are a great way to explore new places. If you can find a park with a trail, you get the benefits of physical activity plus being in nature. Be sure to wear a helmet.

Explore Community Events

You can start at your local library and see what events they’re hosting. If you’re lucky, there might be an author reading or a book club where you may meet some friends. You can also check out your local listings for music festivals or outdoor theatre that you may enjoy.

Discover Some Place New

This can near or far to where you are, but the key here is new. It could be that cute little independent bookstore you always walk past or it can be the city that’s a flight away. Whatever it is, make it somewhere new. As a friend of ours once said, “A Change is as good as a rest.” Change your environment and you’ll find yourself rejuvenated.

Meet Friends on a Patio

One thing that is great about summer is that people, in general, are more relaxed and in some cases, have time off from work, which lightens their schedule. This is a perfect time to catch up with your friends and enjoy a cold drink and healthy meal on a patio, and watch your city from some place other than your car window in traffic.

Stroll through a New Neighbourhood

Summer is a great time to explore where you live, specifically to stroll through a new neighbourhood you don’t normally go to. You might just find that this new neighbourhood holds something charming about it that pleasantly surprises you.

Read a Book Outdoors

Reading is always a good idea but reading outdoors is another level of perfection. Listening to the birds chirp and feeling the slight breeze as you dive into a new world is divine. If you’re looking for 10 great books to read in the summer, check out these recommendations.

Make a Blueberry Cobbler

This is one of our go-to desserts. Whether we’re hosting in Toronto or in Portugal, it has become one of our staples. Even the skeptical dinner guests we once hosted in Portugal loved it. It’s also much easier to make it during the summer than during any other season because of the amount of blueberries used. This is the blueberry cobbler recipe we use the most.

Take a Road Trip

A full tank of gas, your favourite tunes, and Google maps. Go.

Slow Down

One of the great things about summer is that it lends itself to a slower rhythm. Take this time to enjoy your morning matcha, journal, meander, and think. Take time to slow down.

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What’s on your summer bucket list for 2024? Let us know in the comments below.

-Isabel & Marilyn

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  1. Chloe says:

    Lovely ideas! I’ll be eating all the gelato and all the BBQ!

  2. Tess says:

    I love all these ideas, and they’re definitely all on my summer bucket list too!

  3. Silvia says:

    Very good ideas to make my summer more exciting! Thanks a lot

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