A Joyous Moment-Marilyn’s Birthday

Marilyn in Lisbon-Letters and Lipstick
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Hey there!

Today is my birthday. For a long time now, I’ve been extremely busy and focussed on completing task after task and project after project. As a result, I haven’t taken as much time to reflect as I’d like.

Leading up to this birthday, I tried to give myself some time to think about where I am in the world, how far I’ve come, what I still want to achieve, who I want to surround myself with, and who I want to be. It hasn’t been easy.

Marilyn in Lisbon-Letters and Lipstick

On some level, I know the answers to these questions, but I’ve fallen into a cycle of busy that has become difficult to break out of, and as such, has made it difficult for me to pause and think.

Birthday Wisdom

Even in the midst of my currently-chaotic schedule, I’ve begun to make an effort to sit still and think.

The biggest realization I’ve had recently is that the little things in life are actually quite big. Moments on the couch with your dog, coffee with your best friend, cooking with your family, a peaceful, sunny day.

The older I get, the more I’ve grown to appreciate that these are the things that make up a life. Yes, we’re still going to have to-do lists to do, goals to aspire to, and accomplishments to attain, but those simple, magical moments with people we love, including quality time spent with ourselves, are also important. We all know this, but we often forget.

Going into this next year, I’m going to try and appreciate these little-big things as much as I can. One of the reasons I wanted to include a joyous moment category on this blog was for this very reason. To learn to stop and appreciate small moments, and continue to look for them because they are often everywhere. Lucky us.

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