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short reads by varnish, pillow, and gluck



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Even though these short reads are exactly that – short, they are not short on substance. In fact, many flash pieces, including those we’ve already shared with you, are multi-layered, unique, and impactful.

This week, we’re sharing three short reads from some of our favourite writers.

The first piece is a work of fiction and is written by Marilyn’s friend and colleague, Jo Varnish. While this particular piece is categorized as fiction, Varnish also writes creative nonfiction and is the Creative Nonfiction Editor at X-R-A-Y Literary Magazine. This is one of our all-time favourite flash fiction pieces.

You’ve already been introduced to Meg Pillow when we listed her piece, “We All Know About Margo,” and who is also one of our favourite flash writers. This next piece is a creative nonfiction piece and we’re sure many of you will relate to its topic.

Lastly, a poem by Louise Glück, who passed away last week at the age of eighty. In 2020, Glück won the Nobel Prize in Literature. The New Yorker has written an article discussing her works and relevancy and has also shared details about some of her works.

Let us know if the comments which one of these short reads is your favourite.

short reads by varnish, pillow, and gluck

Two Flash & One Poem – Our Selection of Riveting Reads

-Isabel & Marilyn

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